Meet Your Plumbers

Jimmy Ivitts

Jimmy Ivitts is the owner of Ivitts Plumbing and currently carries a Master Plumbers License in the state of Kentucky. Jimmy joined his dad’s plumbing business after he graduated high school in 1980 and took over the business 16 years ago. Jimmy and his father have done plumbing work in over 1,000 homes in the area.

“We have warranties on our services and products that are unmatched by the competition. If you buy a water heater from us, and we install it, and if you are member of or you join our Diamond Club, we will warranty that water heater for life. You will never pay a dime for that water heater again.”

“Before hiring an employee, we put them through an extensive background check that covers anything they might have been involved in. Once they pass that, then they have to pass a drug test before we hire them.”

“We want our customers to feel comfortable throughout the whole process from the first phone call and know that our guys are licensed and trained professionals and will get the job done, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

Jimmy Hart

Jimmy Hart is a Licensed Journeyman Plumber in the state of Kentucky. He’s been a licensed plumber for 20 years and has been a member of Ivitts Plumbing for 16 years. He got started working for his dad’s plumbing business, and began working with Ivitts when his father retired.

“Our customers can expect respect, courtesy, and professionalism. When we show up, we are very mindful of their house. We’re clean, prompt, and efficient, and our goal is to save the customer as much money as we can.”

“One of the coolest things to me is when we go into a house, and we see a service sticker from Billy Ivitts, or from my dad. It’s pretty cool. We’re doing work that our fathers did.”