Frequently Asked Questions

Diamond Club

This fee covers the upfront costs of the technician coming to your home. When we send a technician out, they will evaluate the issue(s) and provide an estimate of how much the service or repair will cost. We also offer a complimentary plumbing inspection during this visit.

Ivitts Plumbing has a straightforward pricing structure. Fees are due the day the service is received. If you are a small business or restaurant owner and have to get costs approved, we can work with you during the billing process.

Yes, we offer financing through Synchrony Financial. All financing is subject to credit approval. If you have any questions about financing, call us at 270-443-1067. 

Nearly all of our installations and products are backed with warranties that are unmatched in the area. See all the services and products covered by our warranties here.

Our plumbers go through an extensive background check, drug testing and ongoing training. We make sure we’re sending the best people to work with you.

General Plumbing Questions

Nine times out of ten it’s due to something blocking the passage of the water. For example, if it’s your kitchen sink, it could be that food wasn’t properly disposed. If it’s your shower drain, it could be residue left behind from shampoos or soaps. If you are having an issue, you can purchase a “drain friendly” cleaner to try and unclog the drain.

You can purchase a water softener or water conditioner to help protect your pipes from future build-up.

If your water heater is leaking, it could indicate you need a new water heater. Call Ivitts Plumbing to talk to an experienced technician at 270-443-1067.

Most dripping faucets are an easy fix and are nothing to worry about. Usually all you need to do is tighten or replace the internal mechanisms (including the washers, screws and nuts) of the faucet.

Leaking pipes can be a costly problem if they are ignored. For most leaking pipes, we recommend you cal Ivitts Plumbing to talk to an experienced technician at 270-443-1067.

Every toilet is different so each problem can be fixed depending on the mechanisms inside the toilet. Oftentimes, there is an issue with the flapper, the chain or the position of the float ball. 

Many cleaners use caustic or oxidizing chemicals to unclog drains. While those chemicals may be effective, they can eventually take a toll on your pipes. Ivitts Plumbing recommends and uses BioSmart, a chemical and emulsifier-free drain cleaner.