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Ivitts Plumbing offers a Lifetime Diamond Club™ membership for our customers. Join Diamond Club and get greater peace of mind and plumbing security around the clock.
Signing up is simple and easy. Give us a call at (270)443-1067!

Our Lifetime Diamond Club™ for just $14.95 per month includes:

Lifetime Warranties:
Members receive a lifetime warranty on on all fixtures provided and installed by Ivitts Plumbing professionals.

Waived Service Fees:
The standard $39 service fee is waived for all Lifetime Diamond Club™ members.

Annual Full Home Inspection:
Members get a complimentary annual home inspection from an Ivitts’ licensed plumber. This $200 value includes the inspection of water heaters, drains, faucets and everything in between.
24/7 Emergency Plumbing:
Our number one priority is to be there when you need us anytime, day or night.

Priority Service:
As a member of the Diamond Club™ you are automatically at the top of our appointment book whenever you need plumbing services.

Member-Only Discounts: 
Lifetime Diamond Club™ members receive a 15 percent discount on all plumbing repairs.

Extended Warranties: 
Members receive an additional 3-year warranty, on top of our industry-leading warranties, for most repair work.

To learn more about the Diamond Club or to sign-up today,
call Ivitts Plumbing at 270-443-1067.