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So where exactly did our happy elephant plumber Plumb Bob come from?


Hey, I’m Plumb Bob the Ivitts elephant!

Why the name Plumb Bob, you ask? Other than it being a family name, at least the Bob part, a Plumb Bob it’s a water level and plumber’s tool.

My likes include providing the best plumbing services in town, wearing jean overalls and my favorite baseball cap, playing memory games and eating tons of grass, leaves and other vegetation.

And I spend most of my time as the mascot for my good friends at Ivitts Plumbing. But why an elephant named Plumb Bob?

Well elephants have always been a favorite with the family and employees at Ivitts. And we are known for our exceptionally good memories because “an elephant never forgets.”

This sounds a lot like the herd of plumbers at Ivitts who never forget about your plumbing. So when life gets busy: You might forget your plumbing, but at Ivitts we never forget.

With my attention to detail and friendly smile, I’ve become a symbol for the Ivitts herd of plumbers, who take pride in offering the best and friendliest plumbing service in the area.

So, if you are in need of plumbing services or repair work, give me and my friends at Ivitts Plumbing a call today!

You might forget your plumbing, but at Ivitts we never forget!