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Why Does My Toilet Stain?

With the summer heat bearing down on us, it seems like a great time to take on some of those indoor chores that you might have been putting off. One plumbing problem that you might have been putting off is trying to clean those stains in your toilet bowl.

What causes that, anyway?

We recently discussed the issue of spraying faucets and some quick fixes to alleviate the problem. Those same minerals found in your hard water that cause your faucet to spray are also the cause of the discoloration of your toilet bowl or porcelain sink.

Calcium, lime, magnesium and iron deposits can attach themselves to just about any surface, and as the water flows to fill your bowl after each flush, those minerals cling to the sides. You will probably notice a discoloration along the walls of your reservoir, too.

Are the stains permanent?

The good news is that you can remove the discoloration. It is not actually a stain, as it might appear, but really just a collection of minerals building up where the water runs to refill the bowl.

The best way to prevent mineral buildup is regular cleaning. Clean your toilet weekly using a bleach based cleaner and a toilet brush. Be sure to not mix different chemicals while cleaning, as it can be very dangerous.

Another trick for a pesky stain is to use household vinegar. Try adding some vinegar to your bowl and let it sit overnight. It can aid in loosening some of the minerals to make cleaning a little easier.

If these methods still don’t do the trick, you can try implementing a stain remover, such as Iron-Out to help get rid of more stubborn discolorations.

Once you get your toilet (or sink or tub) rid of the stains, be sure to keep up with the weekly cleanings to prevent future buildup.

Have more questions?

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